Mission Statement:

The Faerie Kin are an enchanting troupe of stiltwalkers and ground beings that bring magic to gatherings, schools, and communities. Our intent is to uplift hearts and minds, as well as raise awareness about important ecological issues through song, dance, story, and blessings.



Alinahh bio photoAlinahh Ever is the founder, visionary, and coordinator of The Faerie Kin. She is a long-time stiltwalker and former Blue Fairy at festivals on the East Coast, Mid-West and California. A vision came to her during ceremony to have a group of stiltwalking faeries surround folks and offer blessings through singing healing heart songs and other sensory pleasures. She is delighted to see the growth of the troupe, both in numbers and in the complexity of performance that now includes giant puppets, fantastic costumes, original choreography, theater, and music. She has a background in education and a passion for nature connection and gardening, and is excited to have the troupe more involved with school performances and permaculture action.


Nara bio photoNara Hari Dasi is a life and performance artist, and does stiltwalking and costumery for The Faerie Kin. She loves working with her hands; making masks, wings, rings and other faerie things. She is happy to be an assistant at Organic Armor, one of the finest and most unique wearable art and costumery stores in the world. She brings her love of singing and eye for organization, design, and structure to help create the magic that is the Faerie Kin.


Ashé Tenderfire has been a part of the faerie Kin since the beginning of 2014. As a ground fae, she brings joy and light to the human creatures by connecting with them on their level. Ashe is a sacred song keeper, and can often be found prancing around with her medicine rattle, singing mezmorizing harmonies, and helping to keep the taller fae in balance!


Daniel Simmons is a stiltwalker & puppeteer with over 30 years experience in singing, dancing and performing. For most of those years, it has also been a joy to create with my hands. Our performances as the Faerie Kin have given me outlets for all of these creative enterprises. One day I’m building a giant puppet, the next I’m singing while stiltwlaking. Variety and community are the spices of this creative life.


scotty bio photoScotty has been performing and stiltwalking in the Faerie Kin since summer 2014.  Scotty brings his knowledge and experience as a permaculture designer, edible landscaper, and organic gardener, to weave ecological issues into the fabric of performing arts.  Scotty uses his experience as a nature connection facilitator for children to inspire sensory awareness, knowledge of, connection to, and love for nature.  Scotty’s experience with Singing Alive Appalachia has given him a wealth of heart songs that relate to the Faerie Kin’s mission of inspiring magic, connection to nature, self, and others, and building community.


Sydney is relatively new to the Faerie Kin, but no stranger to the world of play, mystery, and freedom through artistic expression. As a lifelong biologist and health enthusiast, Sydney longs to help others achieve healthier, happier, and more sustainable lives while restoring our connection to ourselves and our Earth. For her, performing with the Faerie Kin aligns with this passion and stiltwalking is just a way to lift it further into the sky to spread out to all!


Melissa Officianalis comes to the Faerie Kin with a background in Modern Dance and elementary education. She is passionate about ecological issues and the healing power of song, story and dance. Melissa is a ground faerie and also choreographer with the troupe.


Julie Vann has been performing in Asheville for 7 years as a stiltwalker, actress, and acrobat. Her performances have included the annual community shows of Asheville’s Runaway Circus (2009 to 2014) as a stiltwalking/hula hooper and in partner acrobatics; and the Lake Eden Arts Festival doing aerial acrobatics and most recently, stiltwalking with the Faerie Kin.




Alinahh Ever had a vision during a ceremony a few years back of a group of stiltwalking faeries surrounding and circling people while singing heart healing songs and offering other sensory pleasures. When she moved to Asheville in 2012, the Faerie Kin were born. From the beginning, the troupe incorporated handmade giant puppets, beautiful & fantastical costumes, and artistic props. With the addition of fine musicians, over time the troupe began to offer more complex harmonies in our singing, as well as instrumentation. Last year, we added original choreography. In 2015, musical theatre with an ecological educational approach is being offered, along with permaculture action in the form of planting pollinator edible forest gardens.  Past Themes have included: magical trees, giant lit-up mushrooms ( local & mostly edible species to Appalachia), elemental & forest creatures, faeries (with handmade naturally dyed costumes), honey bees & pollinator flowers, and winter snowflake faeries.